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You Dream Cat Handmade Good Greeting Supply Card CLEARANCE

You Dream Cat Handmade Good Greeting Supply Card CLEARANCE

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Recycled Material Utilized!
Handmade Card.  Inside is message 'thoughts of you;' however, there is still plenty of room for your own personal note, or message.  Add pictures, etc.  Or, if you want me to add a special 'theme' message, no extra expense to you (e.g. Happy Mother's Day, Happy Spring, Happy Easter, etc.).  Card is approximately 6.75 x 7.50 inches (please, see photos).  The card is being sold for $2.49 (the original selling price would have been $5.99) because it has some buckles in it, from all of the embellishments, designs, and glue, that had been applied to it; however, it is, still, a very pretty card.  If you look at the picture of the inside of the card; you will notice a purplish/gray color, in spots.  The card is, actually, ALL, pure white, all around the decor; however, in the picture, but, looking at the purple spots, you can see where the somewhat buckling (or warped-like) areas, on the card, are at.  This would, still, make a very nice card (the picture does not do it justice), for a special person, in your life.
1.0 oz.
A lot of time, thought, and creativity, has been put into this card; hoping that you enjoy it, as much as it was enjoyed in making it.  The cat sparkles, where white glitter is applied.  Medium, and heavy, cardstock had been used, besides embellishments. To prevent damage, smudging, etc.; card is mailed, and protected, in a plastic baggie.  And, it comes with a white envelope (a very small rip is on the envelope flap).  Sorry, will try to find a replacement one; but can't promise.  This is an 'As-Is' sale (please, see photos).
Handstamped card.  Visit Stampin' Up, for stamp, and more information.


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