Mission Statement

Bear "Heart" Bottoms, Etc. aka SharPharMade MISSION STATEMENT:

Through sewing and handmade (creating, or purchasing handmade, or vintage supplies) ... it is imperative to keep hope, dreams, and creativity, etc., alive.  Through creating, or purchasing handmade, or vintage supplies (even, through gifting handmade, vintage, etc.) ... here, YOU are shown that people's lives have a very special place in yours, or someone's, heart.  

Handmade gifts are NOT replaceable.  Vintage is awesome because a lot of patterns and/or pieces, made today, are not made, or are not the same, as they were designed, or created, in the past.  Individual pieces that are passed down, from one generation to another, are super special ... so heartfelt.  Via this business, ALL handmade are supported.  

As the shop owner, I, personally, support vintage, and handmade.  Like the old adage, when it comes to tangibles ... "Someone's garbage may be someone else's treasure."  And, the same goes for handmade ... someone's handmade is special to someone somewhere, the person who created it, made it, purchased it, or was gifted it.  Vintage and handmade will NEVER get old!  

Priceless talents, skills, and values, etc. needs to, continuously, be passed down to the infinite generations to follow; and SharPharMade is just too happy to do their part.