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Glitter Litter Of Love Handmade Good Flat Back Glass Marble Necklace šŸ’‹

Glitter Litter Of Love Handmade Good Flat Back Glass Marble Necklace šŸ’‹

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Recycled Material Utilized!

GlitterĀ Litter Of Love Glass Marble Necklace

Cute GlitterĀ Litter Of Love Flat Back Glass Marble Handmade Necklace #GLITLOVE7282018 (some crackling ... helpĀ give glittering effect, when light hits/shines on it).Ā  Flat Back Glass Marble.Ā  Approximately, 3/4 inch to underĀ one inch circumference (please, see photos).Ā  Looking forĀ unique, handmade, inexpensive; but, wearable, jewelry ... well, you came to the right place.Ā  MarbleĀ on blackĀ 18 inch waxed cotton cord chain with extender.Ā  Silver bail.Ā  IF AVAILABLE, can try to replace withĀ 24 inch cord (cannot guarantee).Ā  Although, anyone can wear ... made with young ladies/girls, in mind.Ā  My daughters, their friends, etc., love them.Ā  My friends, and I, wear, also ...šŸ˜‰!
P.S.Ā SomeĀ special ideas; besides just giving, or gifting: Inexpensive piece to gift for good luck, prior to an event; or to giveĀ to a girl turning tween, or a tween turning teen ... or just because,Ā etc.
0.1 oz.
Time, thought, and creativity, has been put into the making, and design selected for this, and each, necklace.Ā  Photos taken from different angles to show howĀ marbleĀ appears when light is bounced off of it.Ā Ā Hope that you enjoy wearing, or gifting it, as much as the joy it was in making it. Ā To prevent damage, smudging, etc.;Ā necklace is mailed, and protected, in a small plastic case, small pull bag, or baggie.
Refunds and Exchanges
Refunds areĀ handledĀ in/with exchanges; therefore, please, be sure that you, really, really, want to purchase it ... before buying.Ā  If the item is damaged when you receive it, please contact me, immediately, so you can return it, and I can replace it, with a similar one.
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