My 'Amazing' Journey

Bear Bottoms, Etc. was created, by me, as my own business, years ago, when I was a teen; going around with my mom, when she did Craft Shows.

I have taken a hiatus for years, from crafting (from my College years through raising my own children, etc.). I re-established it, in October 2011, after my health issues; however, incorporating "Heart" into my business name, now known as Bear "Heart" Bottoms, Etc. "Heart" was added because of all of the heart-breaking trials that I had experienced in the recent years of my life, since 2000.

Although, my concentration will, mostly, involve bears (I received plenty of bear hugs, through my illness *wink*); I create other creative projects, including recycling/upcycling projects, that are for sale, also.

I started out by downsizing (cleaning out my Sewing Room), of Vintage Patterns that I am no longer interested in making; some, previously, owned by my Mom, and/or Grandmother. I have several online shops/store fronts ... and, in my this Shop, to reiterate, I am, mostly, selling/destashing patterns. Sometimes, I may sell some of my other products.  I thank Shopify for letting me be a part of their community.

I now, have patterns that I sell, that are FROM ESTATE SALES, GARAGE SALES, ETC. Also. I do my best, to go through each pattern, to make sure that all of the pieces are accounted for (HOWEVER, THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES)! Patterns are sold AS IS! Some will be cut; and some uncut. The same goes, as I said of my patterns; they can show some shelf age, and storage wear; or, even, tears, rips, etc. (both patterns and envelopes).

ALL patterns, from my shop, are sold 'AS IS!' No refunds, will be given; except under extenuating circumstances! Please, refer to my shop policies, for further information.

P.S. Me? My life is BEARY AMAZING! I am, constantly, facing challenges, in my life (especially, with my health); and being tested, in more ways, than one. I have survived an auto-immune disease, 4 strokes, and a heart attack. And, now, I HOPE to become a Breast Cancer Survivor. ♥ I am still enjoying my passion, Arts and Crafts, my Small Craft Business, Bear "Heart" Bottoms, Etc., Shopify and, along with my furry sidekick, am blazing another new path. I AM A SURVIVOR! Have a 'SHARPHARMADE' shopping experience! And, again, welcome to one of my loves ... my Beary Amazing shop!

and please visit me: