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Vogue 8016 Vintage Pattern (Partial Pattern Only) For Women Overblouse & Skirt

Vogue 8016 Vintage Pattern (Partial Pattern Only) For Women Overblouse & Skirt

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Recycled Product (Supply) ... Destashing Vintage Patterns!


Very Rare, and OOP, Vintage Vogue Half Size Women's Overblouse and Skirt, Sewing Pattern 8016 - Size 16 1/2 Bust 39 - CUT! A partial pattern is only available. 11 (of the 18) Pattern Pieces (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13) are accounted for, and, neatly, folded; where the overblouse, and skirt, can still be made; and why the pattern is being sold for $3.98 (please, see photo of pattern pieces). Pattern Pieces 1,2, 14,15, and 16 are missing, from the envelope (1, 2 the Pants; and 14, 15, & 16 - 3 missing pattern pieces that makes the coat or jacket). Please, see photo of 'Pattern Pieces.' A good seamstress can, probably, use pattern piece 18 (the long sleeve pattern, for the coat, or jacket); and make a 'long sleeve' overblouse. Also, pattern 6 is torn in half; which is an easy fix, with tape. Straight pins were fastened throughout the pattern; I did do my best to remove them (please, be careful, when examining pattern, just in case I missed any).

"Semi-fitted princess-seamed overblouse has contrast collar and neckband and short sleeves with contrast band. Mid-knee length A-line skirt is darted into foldover facing." This is an 'As Is' purchase.

1.6 oz.

Copyright 1971 (best estimate). Printed in U.S.A. Vogue Pattern Service.

P.S. This is an Estate Sale Pattern. There are signs of shelf, or storage wear, even, a little yellowing; however, the pattern is still use-able, and in excellent condition. Please see the photo section, where you can see, in advance, the pattern's condition; and photos of the pattern, and the envelope (which has some tears).

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